Meet the Spaghetty

Cupid Betty

Cupid Betty has the feathers of an angel! She’s always busy, flying around spreading love to the world!

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Butterfly Lucy

Buzzing around like a Butterfly is what Lucy does best! With her bright wings and flower petal dress, she’s the prettiest in the garden!

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Super Betty

When help is needed, Super Betty is always around! Hidden behind her mask and super-dress, no one’s ever reported on her secret Identity!

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Chef Betty

Chef Betty is a master of pasta, but it's not just spaghetti that Betty is famous for. So throw on an apron, it's time to cook up a storm!

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Cupcake Betty

Cupcake Betty is a real cutie who's as sweet as she looks. She's always baking for the new friends that she's making!

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Princess Betty

It's time to dress to impress. Princess Betty is throwing  party at her palace and you're on the guest list!

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Fairy Betty

Get your wishes ready! Fairy Betty has flown up from the bottom of the garden and she's about to make your dreams come true!

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Popstar Betty

Popstar Betty was born to perform! When she hits the stage the crowd goes wild for her style!

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Cafe Lucy

Café Lucy is the fastest waitress in town! She'll take your order and serve your meal before you can say "Betty Spaghetty"!

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Skate Lucy

Skate Lucy is one fast and smooth mover. She loves it when her wild hair flows through the air. 

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Beach Zoey

Who's ready to party on the beach with Zoey? Time for some summertime fun! It's all about surf, sand and style! 

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Hula Zoey

Swaying the day away in paradise is what Hula Zoey loves doing! There is nothing like dancing on the beach as the sun goes down!

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Ballet Betty

Say hello to a girl who loves to twirl! This pirouetting princess will always keep you on your toes!

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Pink Ski Betty

With a flash of pink Betty cuts up the slopes on her snow board! Her skills are as hot as her fashion style!

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Blue Ski Betty

Warm up in style with a new cool look in Betty Spaghetty’s toasty blue winter wardrobe!

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